biografía de Clare ROMANO (1922-2017)

Lugar de nacimiento: Palisade, NJ.

Direcciones: Englewood, NJ

Profesión: Printmaker, painter

Estudios: CUA Sch., 1939-43; Ecole Beaux-Arts, Fontainebleau, France, 1949; Inst. Statale Arte, Florence, Italy, Fulbright grant, 1958-59.

Exposiciones: Invitational of American Prints, South London A. Gal., Eng., 1967; Cincinnati Mus. Art Print Invitational 1968; First Biennial Am. Graphic Art, Columbia, S. Am., 1971; Second Triennial Int. Exhib. Woodcuts, Ugo Carpi Mus., Italy, 1972; American Prints, US Info Agency Invitational, Australian Nat. Mus., Canberra, 1972; Assoc. Am. A., NYC, 1970s. Awards: Tiffany grant, 1952; Fulbright grant, 1958; citation for pr. of achievement, CUA Sch., 1966.

Asociaciones: Soc. Am. Graphic Artists (pres., 1970-72); Print Cl. Phila.; Boston Printmakers; Mod. Painters & Sculptors; A.N.A.

Obra: MoMA, WMAA & MMA; LOC & Nat. Collection Fine Arts, Wash., DC. Commissions: tapestry, Hanover Bank, NY, 1969.

Comentarios: Teaching: instr. printmaking, New Sch. Social Res., 1960-; adj. asst. prof. printmaking, Pratt Graphic Arts Ctr., 1963-; adj. asst. prof. printmaking, Pratt Inst., 1964-. Publications: co-illusr., "Spoon River Anthology," 1963; co-illusr., "Leaves of Grass," 1964; auth.," Artist's Proof," 1964 & 1966; auth., "American Encyclopedia," 1971; co-auth., "The Complete Printmaker," 1972.

Fuentes: WW73; Patricia Boyd Wilson, article, In: Christian Sci. Monitor, 1967; Faulkner & Ziegfield, Art Today (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1969); Pat Gilmour, Modern Prints (Studio Vista , London, 1970).

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