biografía de George Elbert BURR (1859-1939)

Lugar de nacimiento: Monroe Falls, OH

Lugar de defunción: Phoenix, AZ

Direcciones: Phoenix, AZ

Profesión: Etcher, painter, illustrator

Estudios: AIC; Europe.

Exposiciones: Boston AC, 1902, 1906; AIC, 1910, 1913; NMAA, 1986 (retrospective); Mitchell Brown Gal., Tucson, 1990 (retrospective)

Asociaciones: Chicago SE; Denver AA; California SE; Am. SE; AI Graphic A.; Soc. Française aux Etats Unis; Soc. Am. Etchers; Calif. Printmakers

Obra: LOC; NYPL; Newark Mus.; City Mus., St. Louis; BM; CMA; MMA; Detroit Inst.; AIC; Denver Art Mus.; Colorado State Univ.; Pub. Lib., Santa Barbara; CI; TMA; LACMA; Calif. State Lib.; BMFA; Fogg Art Mus., Cambridge, MA; Cincinnati Mus.; Fine Arts Gal., San Diego, CA; Phoenix Fine Arts Assn; Berlin; Prints of the Year, 1931; Luxembourg, Paris; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Victoria and Albert Mus., British Mus., London.

Comentarios: In the late 1880s, he launched his career as an illustrator for Harper's, and Leslie's, and was later best known as "the etcher of the American desert." From 1896-1900 he traveled in Europe, then concentrated on etching upon his return. He is said to have produced 25,000 etchings. Burr moved to Denver in 1906 because of failing health; and in 1926 moved to Phoenix. His etchings depict the landscape of Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California.

Fuentes: WW33; P&H Samuels, 76-77; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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