biografía de McClelland BARCLAY (1891-1943)

Lugar de nacimiento: St. Louis, MO

Direcciones: NYC/East Hampton, NY

Profesión: Painter, illustrator, sculptor

Estudios: With H.C. Ives; George Bridgman; Thomas Fogarty.

Asociaciones: ASL; SI; Chicago AC; Assn. A. & Industries; Artists Guild. Awards: Art Directors Club Medal, 1944 (posthumous)

Comentarios: Illus., Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping. Posters: Navy poster, Committee on Nat. Preparedness, 1917 (price); USMC recruiting poster (price); allegorical painting of Commerce of Chicago, Chicago Assn. Commerce (price). His animal sculptures were adapted to a wide variety of household utilitarian objects such as bowls, bozes, and trays ó all manufactured by his McClelland Barclay Art Co. He was missing in action after the landing ship tank on which he was a passenger was torpedoed, July 18, 1943.

Fuentes: WW40; add'l info courtesy Illustration House (essay #23, 1997)

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