biografía de LeRoy NEIMAN (1921-2012)

Lugar de nacimiento: Saint Paul, MN

Direcciones: NYC

Profesión: Painter, printmaker

Estudios: AIC; Univ. Chicago; Univ. Ill.

Exposiciones: Twin-City Exhibit, Minneapolis Inst. Art, 1953 (1st prize); Chicago Artists and Vicinity Show, 1954-60 (municipal prize, 1958); Carnegie Int., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1956; Corcoran Gal biennial, 1957; Chicago American Exh of Painting and Sculpture, AIC, 1960; Salon d'art Moderne, Paris, 1961 (gold medal); Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela, 1972; Hammer Gal, Félicie Gal, and Knoedler Gal, all in NYC, 1970s.

Obra: Minneapolis Inst. Art; Ill. State Mus.; Joslyn Art Mus.; Wodham Col, Oxford, Eng.; Mus. Sport in Art, NYC. Commissions: murals, Continental Hotel, Chicago, Ill, 1963; Mercantile Nat. Bank, Hammond, Ind., 1965; Swedish Lloyd Ship Patricia", Stockholm, Sweden, 1966; Madison Sq. Garden, NYC, 1969."

Comentarios: The first artist to use a fluid and colorful abstract expressionist style to capture the form and action of sporting events. Positions: resident artist, New York Jets prof football team, 1968-; artist reporter, ABC-TV "Wide World of Sports," 1969-80s (incl, official artist, XX Olympiad, Munich, Ger., 1972); official artist, Major League Baseball Promotions, 1971-80s. Teaching: AIC Sch. Art, 1950-60; Winston-Salem Art Ctr., 1964; Atlanta Poverty Art Prog., 1967-68. Illusr.-contribr., "Miami Notebook" (with George Plimpton), Harpers 6/1964; Paris Review, fall, 1965; Time covers, 3/1/1968 & 1/17/1972; Countdown to Superbowl, (with Dave Anderson), Random, 1969; This Great Game, Prentice-Hall, 1971.

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