biografía de Walter Darby BANNARD (1934-2016)

Lugar de nacimiento: New Haven, CT

Direcciones: Princeton, NJ

Profesión: Painter, art critic

Estudios: Phillips Exeter Acad.; Princeton Univ.; Guggenheim Mem. Found. fel. 1968-1969.

Exposiciones: Highlights of the 1969-1970 Art Season, Aldrich Art Mus., 1970; Six Painters, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Baltimore Mus. Art & Milwaukee Art Ctr., 1971; WMAA Annual, 1972; Rubin Gallery, 1972; Abstract Painting in the 70's, BMFA, 1972; Lawrence Rubin Gallery, NYC, 1970s. Awards: Nat. Found. Arts Award, 1968-1969; purchase award, NJ State Mus., 1971.

Obra: WMAA; MoMA; NJ State Mus., Trenton; Dayton Art Inst., Ohio; Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Comentarios: A painter and critic, his paintings have reflected his interest in color relationships. Positions: juror, 51st. May Show, Cleveland Mus., 1969. Teaching: vis. critic, Columbia Univ., 1968; lect., Friends Mod. Art, Detroit Mus. Fine Art, 1969; symposium & seminars, Princeton Univ., New York Univ., Mus. Fine A. Auth., Notes on an Auction," Artforum (Sept. 1970); "The Artist and Politics," Artforum (Sept. 1970); "Touch and Scale: Cubism, Pollock, Newman and Still," Artforum (Summer 1971); "Nolands New Paintings," Artforum (November 1971); "Caro's New Sculpture," Artforum (Summer, 1972).

Fuentes: WW73; M.Tucker, The Structure of Color (WMAA, 1971); "Canvases Brimming With Color," Life Magazine, Sept. 24, 1971; "Abstract Artmaking in the 70's," Christian Science Monitor, April 24, 1972; Baigell, Dictionary

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