biografía de William MEYEROWITZ (1887-1981)

Lugar de nacimiento: Eksterinoslav, Ukraine

Lugar de defunción: NYC

Direcciones: NYC, 1908-on

Profesión: Painter, etcher

Estudios: NAD, 1914-18

Exposiciones: AIC, 1916-42; S. Indp. A., 1917-44 (except 1932); PAFA Ann., 1917-18, 1923-41; Whitney Studio Club, NYC, 1920s; Salons of Am., 1923-26, 1928, 1931-32; Corcoran Gal. biennials, 1923-47 (8 times); CAFA, 1923 (prize); North Shore AA, 1932 (prize), 1939 (prize); WMA, 1935, 1937, 1939, 1945; WMAA, 1936; Currier Gal. Art, 1942; LOC, 1943-44; Am. Contemp. Artists New England, 1944; TMA; NAD, 1965 (Speyer Prize for painting); MMA; CI; Dayton AI; Am. Acad. Arts & Letters; BMFA; BMA; Audubon Soc. Artists, 1958 ( Clair Layton Prize for painting); Rockport (MA) Art Assn., 1970 (gold medal of honor for painting); "NYC WPA Art" at Parsons Sch. Design, 1977; NY Hist. Soc., 1984; LOC, 1987 (prints); Chase Gal. Art, NYC, 1970s.

Asociaciones: NA, 1959; SAE; CAFA; People"s Art Gld.; Salons of Am.; Phila. Pr. Club; Am. Artists Congress; Am. Color Print Soc.; Soc. Indep. Artists; North Shore AA, Gloucester (hon. life mem.; vice pres., 1968-69); Rockport AA; Audubon Soc. Artists (dir., 1960-67); Gloucester SA; Allied Artists Am. (dir., 1973).

Obra: PMG; MMA; BM; Smithsonian Inst.; Duncan Phillips Mus., Wash., DC; Columbus (GA) Mus. Arts & Crafts; U.S. Nat. Mus.; BMFA; Concord Mus. Art; Bibliothèque Nat., Paris; Harvard Univ. Law Sch.; NYPL; Yale Univ.; CCNY; Univ. Penn.; J.B. Speed Mem. Mus.; Boston Univ.; Herron AI; Univ. Kentucky; Harvard Club; Albany Inst. History & Art; LOC; Currier Gal. Art; USPO, Clinton, MA.

Comentarios: WPA artist. Came to U. S. in 1908. He painted the portraits of Einstein and many other notables. He was also an innovator in color etching techniques. His wife and biographer was the painter, Theresa Bernstein. Positions: mem., Arts Council, Gloucester, MA, 1967-70. Teaching: E. 105th St. Settlement House, New York, 1930-40; Modern Sch. Self-Expression, 1940-45, dir., summer art course, 1945-68. Publications: contrib., College AA, 1937; Menoran Journal, 1944; auth., "On the Need of Art," Menoran Journal, 1955; contrib., Encyclopedia Am. Art, 1970-71.

Fuentes: WW73; Royal Cortissoz, Contemporary American Art (Am. Art Dealers Assn., 1931); Susan Hutchinson, American Fine Prints of the Year, (London Minton Balchulo, 1933); Duncan Phillips, auth., A Collection in the Making," (Phillips PUb., no. 5, 1936); New York City WPA Art, 64 (w/repros.); Falk, Exh. Record Series; addl. info courtesy North Shore AA."

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