biografía de James Milford ZORNES (1908-2008)

Lugar de nacimiento: Camargo, OK

Direcciones: Nipomo, CA; Mt Carmel, UT

Profesión: Painter, designer, illustrator, teacher, lecturer

Estudios: F. Tolles Chamberlin & Millard Sheets, 1935-38; Otis Art Inst., 1938; Pomona College, 1946-50.

Exposiciones: Los Angeles County Fair, 1933 (prize), 1936 (prize); Calif. WCS, 1935 (prize); Beverly Hills H.S., 1939 (prize); Chicago Int. Watercolor Exh., AIC, 1938; San Francisco World's Fair, 1938-40; MMA, 1941; 96th Ann. AWCS, 1963; Watercolor USA, 1972; MMA, 1941 (prize); Allied Services Exh., Bombay, India, 1944 (prize); Pomona College, 1946 (prize); CGA; AIC; GGE, 1939; Riverside Mus., 1938; Found. Western Artists; Los Angeles Mus. Art; SFMA, 1946; San Diego FA Soc., 1934 (prize); Denver AM; Santa Barbara Mus. Art. Awards: award for In the Cove, NAD; William Tuthill Prize for Well at Guadalupe, 1938; Am. Artist Medal for Beach Party, 1963.

Asociaciones: ANA; AWCS; Calif. WCS (pres.); West Coast WCS( vice-pres.); Southern Pr. Club; San Diego FA Soc.; Laguna Beach AA; Riverside AA (bd. dir., 1966-67).

Obra: MMA; LACMA; San Diego FA Soc.; Butler IA; NAD; White House Coll., Wash., DC. Commissions: murals for post offices at El Campo, TX, 1937 & Claremont, CA, 1938, U.S. Govt.; Glendale (CA) H.S.

Comentarios: WPA artist. Preferred medium: watercolors. Positions: official Army artist, U.S. Govt., 1943-45. Teaching: Polytechnic Jr. H.S., Pasadena, 1940; Otis Art Inst., 1938-46; Pomona College, 1946-50; Univ. Calif., Santa Barbara, 1948-49.

Fuentes: WW73; article, Am. Artist Magazine (Nov., 1963); Edgar A. Whitney, Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting (1965); One Hundred Watercolor Techniques (Watson-Guptill, 1968).

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