biografía de Norris EMBRY (1921-1981)

Lugar de nacimiento: Louisville, KY

Lugar de defunción: Louisville

Direcciones: Baltimore, MD

Profesión: Painter

Estudios: AIC, 1940; Acad. Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.

Exposiciones: H. Troekes Atelier, Berlin, Germany, 1950 (solo); Inst. Contemporary Art, Boston, 1958 (solo), 1960; Rochester Mem. Art Gal.; AIC, 1962; Robert Elkon Gal., NYC, 1962-74; "100 American Drawings," MoMA, 1965; Gruenbaum Gal., NYC, 1975-85; Baltimore MA, 1966, 1975 (solo); Thorn Me. Gal., Keene, NH, 1976 (solo); Emmerich Gal., NYC, 1970s; Metro. AC, Miami, 1976 (solo); WMAA, 1977; Gal. Lietzov, Berlin, 1977 (solo); Grimaldis Gal, Balt., 1982 (solo); Guggenheim Mus., 1984; M. Knowlton Gal., NYC, 1985; R. Esman Gal., NYC, 1987 (solo); 871 FA Gal., San Francisco, 1989 (solo); H. Katzen Gal., NYC, 1990 (solo); Snyder FA, NYC, 1992 (solo)

Obra: Solomon R. Guggenheim Mus., NYC

Comentarios: An Expressionist artist of the "beat generation" who, despite alcoholism and poor mental health, was a prolific painter and incessant traveler throughout the U.S. and Europe. In 1964, he was committed to a mental hospital for a year, but he continued to paint his unique form of "outsider," even psychotic, Expressionist imagery.

Fuentes: WW73; exh. cat., Snyder FA (NYC, 1992)

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