biografía de MARISOL (1930-2016)

Lugar de nacimiento: Paris, France

Direcciones: NYC

Profesión: Sculptor

Estudios: …cole Beaux Arts, 1949; ASL, with Yasuo Kuniyoshi, 1950; New School, 1951-54; Hans Hoffmann School; Moore Col. Art, Phila. (hon. doctorate, 1970)

Exposiciones: "Painting & Sculpture of a Decade," Tate Gal., London, 1964; "New Realism," Munic. Mus., The Hague, 1964; Whitney Sculptures & Prints Ann., WMAA, 1966; Soc. Contemporary Art 28th Ann., AIC, 1968;" Image of Man Today," Inst. Contemporary Arts, London, 1968

Obra: MoMA; WMAA; Albright-Knox Art Gal., Buffalo, NY; Mus Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela; Art Cl. of Chicago; Brandeis Univ.; Nat. Portrait Gal., Wash., DC

Comentarios: Discarded her last name (Escobar) during the 1950s. Came to the U.S. c.1945, and in the 1950s became part of the beat generation" living in Greenwich Village. Her satirical sculptural assemblages, combining carved and painted images with real objects, brought her fame in the 1960s. During the 1970s she traveled in the Far East, visiting India, Cambodia, and Thailand, and her work became tied more to nature than to the urban environment. Publications: contrib., The Art of Assemblage (Doubleday); contrib., Pop Art (Praeger); contrib., The New American Arts (Collier, 1967); contrib., In Memory of My Feelings (Crafton Graphic Co., 1967); contrib., Stamps Indelibly (Multiples, Inc., 1967).

Fuentes: WW73; Barbara Gold, "Portrait of Marisol," Interplay (Jan., 1968); Don Cyr, "A Conversation with Marisol," Arts & Activities (Vol. 63, No. 1); Lawrence Campbell, "Marisol," Art News (Nov, 1967); Pisano, One Hundred Years...the National Association of Women Artists, 68; Rubinstein, American Women Artists, 347-50"

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