biografía de Benny ANDREWS (1930-2006)

Lugar de nacimiento: Madison, GA

Direcciones: NYC

Profesión: Painter, lecturer

Estudios: Fort Valley State Col., 1948-50; Univ. Chicago, 1956-58; AIC (BFA 1958); John Hay Whitney opportunity fellow, 1965-66.

Exposiciones: Detroit Inst. of Art, 1959; PAFA, 1960; Forum Gallery, NYC, 1962-66; BM, 1963; Henri Gallery, Alexandria, VA, 1963-66; Mari Gallery, Woodstock, NY, 1963; WFNY, 1965; Bray-Hampton Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 1966; Eastern MI Univ.; Chrysler Mus., Provincetown, MA; American Academy of Arts & Letters, NYC; ASL; Butler Inst., 1967; New School for Social Research, NYC, 1968; 30 Contemporary Black Americans, Minneapolis Inst Arts, MN, 1968; High Art Mus., Atlanta, 1969; Everson Mus. of Art, Syracuse, NY, 1969; IBM Gallery of Arts & Sciences, NYC, 1969; RISD, 1969; Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, 1969; SFMA, 1969; CA State College, Hayward, 1969; MoMA, Martin Luther King Memorial,1969, Artists as Adversary,1971; Riverside Mus., NYC, 1969; Brooklyn College; Martha Jackson's Gallery, NYC; Hudson River Mus., Yonkers, NY; Windy Glass Gallery, NYC, 1970; Contemporary Arts Mus., Houston, TX, 1970; Flint, MI, Board of Education; Pan. Amer. Bldg., NYC; Univ. of Bridgeport, CT, 1970; Point Gallery, Kittery Point, ME, 1970; Acts of Art Gallery, NYC, 1970; Afro-Americans: Boston and New York, BMFA, 1970; The Currier Gallery, 1971; Univ. of NH; Nat'l Center of Afro-American Artists, Boston, MA; Ilinois Bell Tel. Gallery, Chicago; IL State Mus., Springfield; Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Sloan Galleries, Valpariso, IN; Peoria, IL, Art Guild; Burpee Gallery, Rockford, IL; Davenport Municipal Gallery, IA; Univ. of IA; CI; Scripps Coll., Claremont, CA; Spelman College, Atlanta, GA, 1971; Symbols, Studio Mus. Harlem, New York, 1971; Wabash, IN, College, 1971; Talladega Coll., Atlanta, GA, 1971; Carlow Coll., Pittsburgh, 1971; Rainbow Sign Gallery, 1972; Gallery 1199, NYC, 1972; Western MI Univ., 1972; ACA Gallery, NYC, 1972 and after. Awards: NY State Creative Arts Prog Awardee, 1971; The Atlanta Univ. Negro Art Collection Award for Educational Arts", 1971."

Obra: MoMA; Detroit Inst. Art; Mus. African Art, Wash., DC; Norfolk Mus., VA; Chrysler Mus., Provincetown, MA; Hirshhorn Coll.; Int'l Harvester Co., Chicago; Wisconsin State Univ.; Stout State Univ., WI; Slater Memorial Mus., Norwich, CT; La Jolla Mus.; High Mus., Atlanta; Butler Inst. Am. Art, Youngstown, Ohio.

Comentarios: African-American abstract figurative painter whose style was inspired by Francis Bacon; active in Provincetown, MA, 1960. Preferred media: oil & collage, ink. Positions: co-chmn, Black Emergency Cultural Coalition, New York, 1969-. Illustrator: I Am the Darker Brother Macmillan, 1968. Author: "On Understanding Black Art, New York Times, 1/21/1970; "The Black Emergency Cultural Coalition," Arts mag, 4/1970; "To Date," MODE mag, 4/1971. Teaching: New Sch. Social Research, 1967-70; Queens College, 1968-72; Univ Bridgeport, 1970.

Fuentes: WW73; Samella Lewis & Ruth Waddy, "Black Artists on Art," Vol III Contemp Crafts, (1971); Provincetown Painters, 253; Cederholm, Afro-American Artists.

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