biografía de Dennis Miller BUNKER (1861-1890)

Lugar de nacimiento: Brooklyn, NY

Lugar de defunción: Boston (of heart failure)

Direcciones: Boston, MA

Profesión: Landscape painter, portrait painter

Estudios: NAD; Wm. M. Chase, 1878-81; with Charles M. Dewey; Académie Julian, with A. Hebert, 1882; Ecole des Beaux-Arts, with Gérôme, 1882.

Exposiciones: NAD, 1880-82, 1885, 1890; Brooklyn AA, 188183; Boston AC, 1881, 1886; SAA, 1890; AIC, 1890; BMFA, 1945; New Britain Mus. Am. Art, 1978 (retrospective).

Asociaciones: Tavern Cl., Boston.

Obra: Fenway Court, I. Stewart Gardner Mus., Boston; MMA; BMFA

Comentarios: A close friend of J. S. Sargent through whom, in 1888, he absorbed Monet's teachings. Like another Bostonian Lila Cabot Perry, he helped to introduce Impressionism to America and was an important link between Boston and the Giverny group. His patroness was Isabella Stewart Gardner. Position: T., Cowles Sch. Art Boston, from 1885.

Fuentes: WW09; 300 Years of American Art, 555.

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