biografía de Alfred Ray BURRELL (1877-1952)

Lugar de nacimiento: Oakland, CA.

Lugar de defunción: San Fran., CA

Direcciones: San Fran., CA

Profesión: Painter, lithographer, etcher

Estudios: With Frank DuMond; William M. Chase Sch. Art; ASL; Mark Hopkins Sch. Art, San Fran.

Exposiciones: San Francisco AA, annuals, from 1924; Berkeley League of FA, 1924; Calif. State Fair, 1930; Calif. SE, 1931 (purchase prize); SFMA, 1935; GGE, 1939; Honolulu Print Makers, 1935 (purchase prize)

Asociaciones: San Fran. AA; Calif. SE; Club Beaux Arts

Obra: NYPL; LOC; Calif. State Lib.; John Herron AI, Indianapolis, Ind., Honolulu Acad. A.

Comentarios: Engineer, who worked in his fathers construction business for ten years before he went to NYC and worked as an illustrator. Position: t., ASL; head of art departm., A.W. Shaw Publishing Co; t., Hawaiian Sch. Des., Honululu; t., Calif. Col. of Arts and Crafts.

Fuentes: WW40; Hughes, Artists in California, 82.

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