biografía de Richard Caton II WOODVILLE (1856-1927)

Lugar de nacimiento: London, England

Lugar de defunción: St. John's Wood, England

Profesión: Painter, illustrator

Estudios: Royal Acad. in DüsseldoRoyal Acad., London, 1876

Exposiciones: Royal Acad., London

Obra: Russell Foundation, Montana

Comentarios: Son of Richard C. Woodville, Sr. (see entry). Illustrated the American West in 1884 but did not visit there until 1890, when he was assigned by the Illustrated London News to depict American and Canadian outdoor life. He also covered the Sioux Indian War, 1890-91 and depicted the final military defeat of the Plains Indians. He was the most prolific Western illustrator in Europe for a time.

Fuentes: P&H Samuels, 537-38.

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