biografía de Fanny Young CORY (1877-1972)

Lugar de nacimiento: Waukegan, IL

Direcciones: Canyon Ferry, MT (1949); Washington

Profesión: Painter, illustrator, cartoonist

Estudios: ASL; Metropolitan School, NYC

Comentarios: (Fanny Young Cooney) Niece of newspaper cartoonist J. Campbell Cory, she established herself as the leading woman cartoonist in America during the 1910s, with comic strips like "Little Miss Muffet." Illus., Century, Harper's, the Bee, and St. Nicholas. She also illustrated a number of books, including, The Memoirs of a Baby, by Josephine Daskam, and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol.

Fuentes: WW21; Famous Artists & Writers (1949); Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists, cites birth date as 1877.

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