Thomas Wilmer DEWING (1851-1938)

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An offshoot of French Impressionism, American Impressionism emerged in the 1880s with the works of Charles Curran and Ben Foster. The movement numbers some 60 artists. Its most celebrated exponents include Childe HASSAM of Boston, who was inspired by urban subjects, and the portraitists Mary CASSATT and John Singer SARGENT.

Hammer prices for US impressionists have slumped in the last six months, as the local American demand that usually supports the market has dried up. In the last three years the school’s price index has fallen by 33%.

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Para Thomas Wilmer DEWING (1851-1938) , el remate más antiguo catalogado es un(a) pintura vendido/a en 1983 en Sotheby's, el más reciente siendo un(a) pintura vendido/a en 2022. Los análisis y gráficos establecidas por se basan en 71 remates. Especialmente: pintura, dibujo acuarela.