biografía de Bob THOMPSON (1937-1966)

Lugar de nacimiento: Louisville, KY

Lugar de defunción: Rome

Direcciones: Provincetown, MA, summers, 1958-59, NYC, c. 1960-66

Profesión: Painter

Estudios: Univ. Louisville, 1955-58; Boston Univ.; BMFA Sch., 1955

Exposiciones: Provincetown Art Festival, 1958; Univ. Arizona, 1964; AIC, 1964; Dayton AI, 1964; Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., 1964; Yale Univ., 1964; Rockford College, 1965; Bird in Art Exh., Audubon Soc., 1965; AFA, 1960-61, 1964-65; New Sch. Social Research, NY, 1965; Arts in Louisville Exh., 1958; Delancey St. Gal., NY, 1960; Zabriskie Gal., NY, 1960; NYC Center Gal., 1960; AFA Traveling Show, 1960-61, 1963-64; Superior St. Gal., Chicago, 1961; The Drawing Shop, NYC, 1961 (solo); El Cosario Gal., Spain, 1963; Martha Jackson Gal., NY, 1963-64, 1968; Richard Grey Gal., Chicago, 1964, 1965, (solo); Paula Johnson Gal., NY, 1964 (solo); East End Gal., Provincetown, MA, 1965 (solo); Donald Morris Gal., Detroit, 1965 (solo), 1970 (solo); J.B. Speed Mus., Louisville, KY, 1965, 1971 (solo); Long Island Univ., 1966; Downtown Salutes the Arts Show, NYC, 1966; Brooklyn College, 1969; Phila. Art All., 1969; Mt. Holyoke College, 1969; Musée Rath, Paris; BMFA, 1970; La Jolla Mus. of Art, 1970; Bob Thompson," WMAA, 1998. Award: John Hay Whitney Fellowship Grant, 1962-63"

Obra: Mint Mus. Art; Am. Republic Life Ins. Co., Des Moines; Chrysler Mus., Provincetown, MA; Container Corp. Coll.

Comentarios: After graduating from art school, Thompson moved from Louisville, KY, to Provincetown, MA, in the summer of 1958 or 1959, meeting figurative expressionists Lester Johnson, Red Grooms, Mimi Gross, and Gandy Brodie. He then moved to NYC and later traveled to Paris, Rome, and Madrid. He gained tremendous success in a career cut short by his early death just before his 29th birthday. Thompson painted in a bold, figurative style, often taking subjects traditional to art history, such as Flagellation of Christ" and "St. George and the Dragon," and reworking them with modern references.

Fuentes: WW66; Roberta Smith, "Trajectory of a Brief Career Hints at What Might Have Been," New York Times, September 25, 1998, Section E, p. 33; Provincetown Painters, 241 (repro.), 286; Cederholm, Afro-American Artists. "

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