biografía de Charles Banks WILSON (1918-2013)

Lugar de nacimiento: Springdale, AR

Direcciones: Miami, OK in 1976

Profesión: Painter, lithographer, illustrator, writer

Estudios: AIC, lithography with Francis Chapin, painting with Louis Riman & Boris Anisfeld & watercolor with Hubert Ropp.

Exposiciones: AV, 1944; 1945; NAD, 1942-46; LOC,1943-46; SFMA, 1943-46; SAM, 1943-46; Philbrook Art Ctr., 1944-46; Int. Watercolor Exhib., AIC, 1939; Am. Watercolor Exhib., Springfield, MO, 1970; some 200 nat. & regional exhibs. Awards: Arkansas Exhib., 1946 (prize); Chicago Soc. Lithographers & Etcher Award, 1939; first prize for prints, Brooklyn Mus., 1943, 1944; LOC Purchases, Nat. Print Exhib., 1944-54; Oklahoma Artists, 1945 (prize); NGA, 1946 (prize).

Obra: MMA; CGA; Gilcrease Inst. Am. Hist. & Art, Tulsa, OK; Joslyn Art Mus., Omaha, NE; Smithsonian Inst., Wash., DC; LOC. Commissions: 50 watercolors, Ford Motor Co., 1951-69; oil mural, commissioned by J.D. Rockefeller, Jr., Jackson Lake Lodge, WY, 1955; portraits, of Thomas Gilcrease, Gilcrease Inst. Am. Hist. & Art, 1957 & Will Rogers, Oklahoma Press Assn., Oklahoma City, 1961; rotunda murals, Oklahoma State Legislature, 1970

Comentarios: Preferred media: egg tempera. Publications: illustrator, Treasure Island, 1948; Company of Adventures, 1949; The Mustangs, 1952 & Geronimo, 1958; author, Indians of Eastern Oklahoma, 1957. Teaching: head art dept., Northeastern Oklahoma Agriculture & Mechancial College, 1947-60.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47; An Indian Party," Collier's Magazine, 7/25/1942; "Hold Before the Young," Oklahoma Today, 1969; "Painting Mural Portraits," Am. Artists, 11/1969; P&H Samuels, 532."

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