biografía de Violet OAKLEY (1874-1960)

Lugar de nacimiento: Bergen Heights, NJ

Direcciones: Philadelphia, PA

Profesión: Painter, muralist, illustrator, designer, sculptor, writer, teacher

Estudios: ASL with J.C. Beckwith and I. Wiles, 1894; Acad. Montparnasse, Paris, with Aman-Jean, Raphael Colin, 1895; summer class with Charles Lasar at Rye, Sussex, England, 1895; PAFA, with J. De Camp and C. Beaux, 1896; H. Pyle, at Drexel Inst., 1896-97. Awards: LL.D., Drexel Inst., 1948; D. Litt., Delaware College, Newark, DE

Exposiciones: NAD, 1896; PAFA Ann., 1896-48 (prize 1940, 1948); Plastic Club, Phila., 1902 (duo with Eliz. S. Green); St. Louis Expo, 1904 (gold and silver medals); PAFA, 1905 (gold med.), 1922 (prize), 1932 (Pennell med.), 1955 (special award and citation); AIC; Corcoran Gal biennials, 1921, 1923; Philadelphia Artists All.; Woodmere Art Gal., 1947 (prize); Yale; widely in Europe; Pan-Pac. Expo, San Francisco, 1915 ( gold med.); Arch. Lg., 1916 (gold med.); Springside Sch., Philadelphia, 1932 (gold med.); Pennsylvania Soc. Min. Painters, 1941 ( Emily Taylor med.); S., Philadelphia Medal of Award; Medal of Honor, for Philadelphia WC Club Awards:

Asociaciones: AFA; NA, 1929; Fellow, Int. Inst. Arts & Letters; Phila. Artists All.; AIA (honorary); Phila. WCC; NYWCC; fellow, PAFA (vice-pres.); Woodmere Art Gal.; Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain; Mural Painters

Obra: State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA: 18 murals for the Governor's reception room (theme was the founding of the Penn. colony by William Penn), 16 murals for the Supreme Court room, and murals for the senate chamber. Numerous other commissions: mural, mosaic altarpiece, All Angel's Church, NY; other mural paintings, stained glass windows, portraits, panels: Chestnut Hill Acad. Libr.; House of Apostolic Delegate, Wash., DC; Cuyahoga County Court House, Cleveland, OH; USO Officers Club, Phila.; PAFA; Victoria and Albert Mus., London; Vassar Col.; United Nations Lib., Geneva, Switzerland; Samuel Fleisher Mem., Philadelphia; League of Nations Library; Senate Chamber, Harrisburg, PA; 13 panels, Graphic Sketch Club, Phila.; Hannah Penn House, Philadelphia; 25 altarpieces, U.S. Army and Navy; First Presbyterian Church, Germantown, PA; Moral Re-Armament Hdqtrs., London, England; Sarah Lawrence College; Bryn Mawr College, etc.

Comentarios: Specialist in murals and portraits. Oakley was the first woman commissioned to decorate a public building ó the new state capitol at Harrisburg, PA ó which was the largest mural commission ever given a woman. From 1902-06, she created the Governor"s Reception Room murals there; from 1917-27, she created the murals for the Supreme Court Room. She was a close friend to artists Jessie Willcox Smith and Elizabeth Shippen Green, with whom she painted at the Red Rose estate in Villanova. She taught mural decoration at PAFA, c.1912-17. After 1927, she dedicated herself to promoting world peace, traveling to Geneva, Switzerland to record the deliberations toward the formation of the League of Nations and later exhibiting portraits of the delegates throughout the world. Self-sufficient and outspoken in relation to issues of child labor, poverty, alcoholism, and women"s rights, she epitomized the "New Woman" of the early 20th-century. Her signature logo depicted a violet beneath a great oak tree. Author/illustrator, The Holy Experiment, 1922; Law Triumphant, 1932; Dramatic Outline of Life of Samuel F.B. Morse 1939; Life of Jane Addams, 1955.

Fuentes: WW59; WW47; Rubinstein, American Women Artists, 159-161

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