biografía de Mary Roberts EBERT (1873-1956)

Lugar de nacimiento: Titusville, PA

Direcciones: Old Lyme, CT

Profesión: Painter, craftsperson

Estudios: ASL; Twachtman; G. Hunt, Boston.

Exposiciones: AIC, 1919-20; Florence Griswold Mus., Old Lyme, CT, 1996 (retrospective, with Charles Ebert)

Asociaciones: AWCS (life member); Lyme AA; Greenwich AA; Sarasota AA.

Comentarios: Married to Charles Ebert (see entry), she traveled extensively with her husband, painting from Monhegan Island (ME) to Bermuda.

Fuentes: WW53; WW47; Curtis, Curtis, and Lieberman, 54, 182

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