biografía de Ralph FABRI (1894-1975)

Lugar de nacimiento: Budapest, Hungary

Lugar de defunción: New York, NY

Direcciones: New York, NY

Profesión: Painter, writer

Estudios: Royal State Gymnasium, Budapest, BA; Royal Univ. Technol., Budapest; Royal Acad. Fine Arts, Budapest, M.A.; Nat. Acad. School Fine Arts, New York, NY, sculpture with Robert Aitkin.

Exposiciones: Salons of Am., 1934; SAE, 1935-46; SFMA, 1941-45; Northwest PM, 1941-46; Oakland Art Gal., 1941-46; AIC, 1932, 1935, 1939; PAFA, 1941, 1942; CAFA, 1942-46; Denver Art Mus., 1944; Philadelphia Print Club, 1942-46; Audubon Artists, 1945; Smithsonian Inst., 1942 (solo); Honolulu Acad. Art, 1943 (solo); Philadelphia A. Alliance, 1943, 1944 (solo); Nat. Acad. Design, Ann., New York, 1936-46; Audubon Artists Ann., New York, 1944-; Am. Watercolor Soc. Ann., New York, 1941, 1963-; Butler Inst. Am. Art, Youngstown, Ohio, 1968-1970; 20th Century Hungarian-Born Artists Abroad, Budapest, 1970. Awards: AV, 1943; LOC, 1943-46; CAFA, 1945; Etching prize, Nat Acad Design, 1950; medal of honor (watercolor), Painters & Sculptors Soc. NJ, 1964; purchase prize, Butler Inst. Am. Art, 1968.

Asociaciones: SAE; SC; CAFA; Nat. Acad. Design (recording secretary, 1952-1955; treasurer, 1961-1968); Audubon Artists, Inc. (honorary life pres., 1954-); Nat. Soc. Painters Casein & Acrylic (honorary life pres., 1961-); Am. Watercolor Soc (historian); Allied Artists Am. (vice pres.).

Obra: Honolulu Acad. Art; Vanderpoel Collection; Metropolitan Mus. of Art, New York; Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Norfolk Mus. Art & Science; Smithsonian Inst., Washington, DC; Mus. Fine Arts, Budapest.

Comentarios: Preferred media: acrylic, oil, graphics. Positions: staff critic, Pictures on Exhibit, New York, 1949-1961; associate editor, Today's Art, New York, 1961-1970, editor, 1970-. Teaching: instructor life, still life, Parsons School Design, New York, 1947-1949; associate professor painting & art history, City Univ. New York, 1951-1967; instructor painting & drawing, Nat. Acad. School Fine Arts, 1964-. Publications: author, Color, a Complete Guide for Artists, 1967; Complete Guide to Flower Painting, 1968; History of the American Watercolor Society, 1969; Painting Cityscapes, 1969; Artist's Guide to Composition, 1970.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47.

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