biografía de Joe SELBY (1893-1960)

Lugar de nacimiento: Mobile, AL

Lugar de defunción: Miami, FL

Direcciones: Overtown, Miami, FL

Profesión: Ship painter

Estudios: self-taught

Obra: Mystic Seaport Mus.

Comentarios: An African-American painter of ships and yachts that docked at the Miami city pier between 1921-1959. In 1905, as a 12-year-old deck hand, he lost a leg in an accident aboard ship. During the 1930s, he crewed again aboard a steamer out of Mobile, AL. But he was primarily a marine artist who, by 1921, concentrated on painting yacht portraits in Miami.

Fuentes: article, A.J. Peluso, in Maine Antique Digest (n.d., c.1990)

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