biografía de Anton Otto FISCHER (1882-1962)

Lugar de nacimiento: Munich, Germany

Lugar de defunción: Woodstock, NY

Direcciones: Woodstock, NY

Profesión: Marine illustrator

Estudios: A. B. Frost, c.1903; in Bavaria; Julian Acad., Paris, France, with Jean Paul Laurens, 1906-08; Howard Pyle in Wilmington.

Exposiciones: Salons of Am.; Soc. Indp. A.

Asociaciones: SI; Woodstock AA

Obra: Woodstock AA; Coast Guard Acad., New London, CT (he was artist laureate for the Coast Guard in WWII)

Comentarios: Fischer came to NYC in 1903, where he worked as a model and handyman for A. B. Frost. Best known for his pictures of Gloucester fishing schooners, war convoys, and marine battle scenes. Illustrator of sea stories for Saturday Evening Post since 1910; Life Magazine; Adventure Magazine. Author: Focs'le Days." Books illustrated: Moby Dick; Treasure Island; Black Hawk; Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Fuentes: WW59; WW47; bio. by Katrina Fischer, 1977; Peggy and Harold Samuels, 169; Woodstock AA "

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