Our favorites of the week #3


For the third consecutive week, Artmarket’s teams have selected their ‘favorite’ works currently being offered by our partner galleries. We are happy to bring to your attention a superb bronze by Manolo Valdès, a poetic and graphic work in India ink by Henri Michaux, a dense and dynamic ‘lyrical abstraction’ by John Cluysenaar and an erotic watercolor by Horst Janssen. Want to know more? Why not visit the galleries offering these works on our website: Contini, Antoine Laurentin, Bart Wouters, Michel Soskine.



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Manolo Valdès (1942)
La Doble Cara, 2018
Bronze sculpture (Ed.2/9), 57 x 102 x 35 cm
Contini gallery > Contact the gallery

Henri Michaux (1899-1984)
Untitled, 1979
Drawing, Chinese ink, 50 x 64 cm
Antoine Laurentin gallery > Contact the gallery

John Cluysenaar (1899-1986)
Abstraction , (ca.1970)
Oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm
Bart Wouters gallery > Contact the gallery

Horst Janssen (1929-1995)
Erotica , 15.3.1992
Watercolor, 43 x 53 cm
Michel Soskine Inc > Contact the gallery