Red square on an almost red background


Ode to the square! Selected from our online marketplace, our favorites this week focus on a shape that is both simple and fundamental. This selection is of course a nod and a wink to Kazimir Malevich’s revolutionary White on White (1918) measuring 79.4 x 79.4 cm and visible at the MoMA in New York… a work liberated from everything, that literally returns painting to its point of departure.

To Malevich’s white, we respond with a flamboyant red by Bernard Aubertin, a somewhat dusty red by Marco Abbamondi and the splendid optical reds by Victor Vasarely and Alberto Biasi.

These radical works, created from the 1960s to the present day, highlight a color that is both strong and insolent… a color that is also, according to French medieval historian and specialist in the symbolism of colors, Michel Pastoureau, the color of “love, glory and beauty, as well as that of pride, violence and lust”.

We gladly invite you to discover these works among the selections offered by the galleries Frank, AndreaIngenito, Kellermann and EmporiumArt.


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Bernard Aubertin (1934-2015)
Tableau Clous, 1970
Acrylic, 40 x 40 cm
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Marco Abbamondi (1974)
Lands pure pigment red , 2019
Mixted media, color pigments, 55 x 55 cm
AndreaIngenito ContemporaryArt > Contact the gallery

Victor Vasarely (1906-1997)
Enigma – Four Red Spheres , 1970
Screen printing, 101 x 101 cm
Kellermann > Contact the gallery

Alberto Biasi (1937)
Untitled, 1964
Sérigraphie, ed. 54/100, 64 x 64 cm
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