Salvador DALI - Carmen Castanets (Prestige Scale #PE2 of 19))

Artista La evolución de Salvador DALI / Todas las obras en el Marketplace
Tipo de obra Múltiple
Título Carmen Castanets (Prestige Scale #PE2 of 19))
Año 1970
Categoría Escultura
Técnica Bronce
Número y/o edición PE Edition of 19 proofs
Fundidor Bonvicini Fonderia, Italy
Firmada dorso
Medidas sin marco
H 27,56 in
H 70 cm
Certificado emitido por 2049 Obra Contemporanea as descended from DALI
Factura No
Estado excelente
Tema fantasía
Movimiento 20th Century Surrealism

Private Collection with Clean Title. Pristine condition with original certification of authenticity from the publisher 2049 Obra Contemporanea. Only known cast with golden patina. 

Beautiful Spaniard woman archetype performing a Flamenco dance. Carmen is depicted as the beautiful and wild gypsy dancing to the sound of the castanets which she holds between her fingers. Seducing the watcher in the same way Merimee’s heroine seduced all men around her.
Prosper Merimée said of his leading character in Carmen that she spoke Basque and exerted a maddening effect on men that eventually lead her to destruction. This novel, published in 1845, quickly became the stereotype of Spanish women: free, fiery, superstitious, proud and wild, provoking uproar in the society of the time which demanded the exact opposite of women: virtue and maternity, laboriousness, obedience and submission.

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Estatus del vendedor Profesional

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