Igael TUMARKIN - Mountain

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Tipo de obra Obra original
Título Mountain
Año 1972
Categoría Escultura
Técnica Metal
Número y/o edición 1
Fecha de fundición 1972
Firmada Sin firma
Medidas sin marco
63,98 x 33,86 x 33,86 in
162,5 x 86 x 86 cm
Certificado emitido por Gilden's Art Gallery
Factura emitida por Gilden's Arts Gallery
Estado excelente
Tema Abstracto
Movimiento Judaica Jewish

Title: Mountain, 1972

Technique: Original Stainless Steel Sculpture

Size: 162.5 x 86 x 86 cm / 64 x 33 x 33 in

Additional Information: This artwork was realised by the artist in 1972.

Acquired in 1974
The Peter Stuyvesant Collection (later the British American Tobacco Collection), Netherlands

In the late 1950s Alexander Orlow, the Managing Director of Turmac
Tobacco, put his love for abstract art to industrial use. "However
complicated the operations of a machine may look," he said "it soon
becomes monotonous to factory worker". He wanted to improve the working
environment and raise the spirits of his dedicated employees. He did
this by building year by year what in time became a world-class
collection of large, colourful contemporary works specifically chosen to
be shown in the factories above the machinery and so provide
inspiration and stimulation.

Throughout the last 50 years the
collection has expanded and gained worldwide critical acclaim, becoming a
high-quality varied and international collection of art that represents
artists from Europe, the United States, China, Russia, Brazil and South

Condition: Very good condition. Unexamined out of the frame.

Note: This work will be shipped from Israel.

Anuncio nro. 1125467
22.000 $ (19.813 €)
22.000 $
22.000 $ (16.714 £)

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