Walter OPHEY - « Windmill in the region of Eupen »

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Tipo de obra Obra original
Título « Windmill in the region of Eupen »
Año 1906
Categoría Pintura
Técnica Oleo/tabla
Firmada inferior izquierdo
Medidas sin marco
34,25 x 27,56 in
87 x 70 cm
Medidas con marco
40,94 x 34,25 in
104 x 87 cm
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Estado excelente

Walter OPHEY (1882-1930) « Windmill in the region of Eupen » 1906 Dimensions 87x70cm
Oil on wood panel signed on bottom left part and dated 1906. The two first digits “19-WOPhey-06”, the “6” being upside down to balance the “9” in front of the signature. On the back, the mention “Walter Ophey 1900 Huile carton panneau” is apocryph as not made by the artist who did chose the symetrical esthetic of the upside down last digit “6” which as it is looks like a “0” and with a thick wood panel of about 1cm it could not be misunderstood as a cardboard (carton mention). Provenance : Private collection Brussels Belgium.
In 1906, other paintings made in Eupen show comparable types of landscapes. The location is logical with the provenance as Eupen is the artist’s birth location and the capital of the German-speaking Community (nine municipalities in Belgium) located in the province of Liège and only 15 km from Aachen in Germany, to which it belonged before the First World War.

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