Artista La evolución de LEE Man Fong / Todas las obras en el Marketplace
Tipo de obra Obra original
Año 1964
Categoría Pintura
Técnica Oleo/tabla
Firmada inferior izquierdo
Medidas sin marco
40,94 x 20,28 in
104 x 51,5 cm
Certificado emitido por Southeast Asean Museum
Factura No
Estado buen/bueno

Through this “Satay Seller” subject, Lee Man Fong recorded a life theme in the nature surrounding him when he lived in Indonesia. He portrayed the Madurese ethnic image as a sate vendor selling and roving to peddle his satay merchandise from villages to villages and passage away to serve the buyers. Man Fong is skillfully able to record the result of existing reality observation. Although this subject seems simple, but the theme renders artistically touch and deep inspirations for connoisseurs to observe the sociological reflection of this work. Madurese sate or satay is exclusive food made of a chicken cutlet cut into small pieces and pierced with skewers made of coconut leaf sticks or bamboo, then burned by using wood charcoals. Sate is then served with various kinds of peanut sauces or ketchup or depends upon the variation of the served sate recipe.

Anuncio nro. 1887245
40.000 $ (36.179 €)
40.000 $
40.000 $ (30.464 £)

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