Salvador DALI - Faun (aka “MAN – HEAD – HORNS”)

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Tipo de obra Múltiple
Título Faun (aka “MAN – HEAD – HORNS”)
Año 1973
Categoría Escultura
Técnica Bronce
Número y/o edición Prestige-Scale edition of 199 plus 19 proofs
Fundidor Bonvicini Fonderia, Italy
Firmada dorso
Medidas sin marco
27,17 x 16,93 x 5,12 in
69 x 43 x 13 cm
Certificado emitido por 2049 Obra Contemporanea
Factura No
Ref. catálogo razonado Descharnes, R & N. Pg. 165, Ref #414
Estado excelente

Accompanied by original certification of authenticity from publisher as descended from Dali himself, and accredited by Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation in Figueras, Spain.

This Faun is a genie of the woods… kind by day but terrifying by night!

As early as in the 1930s, Dali’s paintings became filled with monstrous characters that were directly connected with the world of dreams and Freud’s interpretation of them.

This grotesque character makes us anxious; its terrifying gaze, the mouth open in a great leer, its twisted forms arise before our eyes as a presage of misfortune.  This Faun is the genie of the woods, kind by day but terrifying by night, as he turns into Incubus, the monstrous creature tormenting mankind with dreams and horrible visions

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