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32 x 52 cm(12,6 x 20,47 in)
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Georges Haquette was born in Paris in 1854 and received his artistic
training from Aime Millet (the sculptor) and Cabanel – two important
artists of the 19th century. It was from Cabanel he mastered the art of
figure painting and his choice of subject matter was greatly influenced
by many of the French Realist artists of his time, included Courbet and
Millet. The theme of the peasant was a favorite among the artists of the
 time, but while most were concentrating on peasants harvesting the
fields, Haquette chose to portray the harvesters of the sea. He made his
 debut at the Paris Salon in 1875 and exhibited there throughout his
lifetime, receiving an honorable mention in 1878, the third class medal
in 1880 and the second-class medal in 1901.

Georges Jean Marie HAQUETTE

Fête de village en Bretagne(1872)

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