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60 x 73 cm(23,62 x 28,74 in)
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Oil on canvas signed « CB » (for Clarence Boulanger) bottom right and dated under it « 1841 »  Dimensions 60 x 73cm “Caritas Romana - The Roman Charity Cimon and Péro" After Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée (1725-1805) « The Roman Charity, Cimon and Péro » of 1782
Oil painting on canvas of similar dimensions 62x73cm et the Toulouse Augustins Museum.
A youth painting after a Master. The theme was part of the historical, social reality of the time. The 17th century has indeed generated the vogue of charitable activities. Charitable institutions have multiplied. The rich devoted themselves to assisting the poor. In such an ideology, giving one's breast became the symbol of charity and giving to others, the poor and the hungry. Giving breast to one's father expresses mercy and dedication. it is a Victory over oneself and the transgression of the law which forbids any carnal contact between a father and his own daughter. 


“Caritas Romana - The Roman Charity Cimon and Péro”(1841)

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