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The first Mamluks formed, in the ninth century, the guard of the Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad. They were first recruited from non-Muslim captives from Turkestan, Caucasus (Circassians, Georgians, etc.), Eastern Europe
(Eastern Slavs) or Southern Russia (Kipchak Plains). Initially, the position was not hereditary. Some Mamluks reached important positions of military command. They were then in the service of the Ayyubid dynasty.
These children boys and girls, average 10 to 15 years were bought from poor families in Russia and Central Asia, transported to Egypt by slave traders, gentiles, they are easy prey for indoctrination both military and religious.
At this time of troubles caused by the Mongolian expansion, the slave markets were numerous and very well supplied. This difficult Journey lasted several months but this expensive "merchandise" was well treated
as they could be resold with a good profit. The girls were bought to be the future wives of the Mamluks.

Kálmán DERI

The Mamluk

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