Anya SPIELMAN - Belly

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Tipo de obra Obra original
Título Belly
Año 2016
Categoría Pintura
Técnica Técnica mixta
Firmada dorso
Medidas sin marco
14 x 11 in
35,56 x 27,94 cm
Certificado emitido por IdeelArt
Factura emitida por Anya Spielman
Estado excelente

Oil and graphite on paper - Unframed.

Spielman uses oil paint on canvas, paper and panel in various sizes; she works on up to forty paintings at a time, moving between them as each begins to form, then isolating a work to bring to completion.

Her saturated surfaces are luminous, with alternate glossy and matte layers, but also bear rough nail marks that scar and deconstruct the work. These etched lines and marks relate to an image and idea, and are often the underlying structure, the submerged language of a work.

Her use of reds and pinks link to flesh and blood, and the pale creams, yellows and blues in her palette often recall bodily fluids, and the pulse of life.

Anuncio nro. 2079682
Tipo de cuenta Profesional
1.850 £ (2.068 €)
1.850 £ (2.292 $)
1.850 £

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