Vladimir Igorevich YAKOVLEV - Yellow Rooster

Artista La evolución de Vladimir Igorevich YAKOVLEV / Todas las obras en el Marketplace
Tipo de obra Obra original
Título Yellow Rooster
Año 1967
Categoría Dibujo Acuarela
Técnica Gouache
Firmada Sin firma
Medidas sin marco
17,01 x 24,21 in
43,2 x 61,5 cm
Medidas con marco
25,59 x 31,5 in
65 x 80 cm
Certificado emitido por Valery Silaev
Factura No
Estado excelente

Gouache "Yellow Rooster" has an impeccable origin from the collection of Mikhail Grobman.

Most of the works of the artist of this period, for various reasons, was lost or exported abroad. That is why high-quality drawings, watercolors and gouache by Vladimir Yakovlev of the 1060s are very rare. Gouache "Yellow Rooster", despite the fact that it was performed while the author was in the psychiatric hospital Kashchenko, is a wonderful, sensual and gentle work, carefully and subtly written by V. Yakovlev.

It is a unique monument of Moscow unofficial art of 1950-1970, is of artistic and collection value and has museum significance.

Anuncio nro. 2097982
Estatus del vendedor Profesional
4.500 €
4.500 € (5.389 $)
4.500 € (3.899 £)
4.500 € (35.147 ¥)

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