Pablo PICASSO - Scène pastorale poussinesque sur le thème de pan et syrinx

Artista La evolución de Pablo PICASSO / Todas las obras en el Marketplace
Tipo de obra Obra original
Título Scène pastorale poussinesque sur le thème de pan et syrinx
Año 1968
Categoría Grabado
Técnica Aguafuerte
Número y/o edición 50
Editor Galerie Louise Leiris
Firmada Firmado a mano
Medidas sin marco
21,89 x 25,39 in
55,6 x 64,5 cm
Medidas con marco
37,01 x 40,16 in
94 x 102 cm
Certificado emitido por Chali-Rosso Art Gallery
Factura No
Ref. catálogo razonado Bloch 1685; Baer 1702 Bb1
Estado excelente

The artwork is part of the '347 Suite'

The “347 Suite” was, in printmaking, the undertaking which defined late Picasso. This outpouring of work, dating from March 16th to October 5th, 1968, deals with all of his old themes and fantasies, adding an obsession central in the late 1960s: the artist as observer. 

Picasso created 347 etchings in seven months. It is doubtful that any artist will ever match this achievement. The etchings are complex constructions on varied and interrelated subjects, such as ‘circuses’, ‘bullfights’, ‘commedia dell’arte’ and ‘Spanish literature’. Series culminates in a group of erotic scenes of lovemaking – explicit but full of humor. 

The complete 347 Series is part of the permanent collection of the following museums and institutions:
Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain
National Library of Paris, France
Picasso Museum in Paris, France
Art Institute of Chicago
Peter Ludwig de Colonia Museum
Art Museum of Israel, Jerusalem
The Gottfried Keller Stiftung of Switzerland

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