Erwin OLAF - Fashion Victims - 9 Vintage Prints

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Tipo de obra Múltiple
Título Fashion Victims - 9 Vintage Prints
Año 2000
Categoría Fotografia
Técnica Tipo C
Número y/o edición 1/15 +3AP
Fecha de tirada 2000
Firmada dorso
Medidas sin marco
8,3 x 8,3 in
21,08 x 21,08 cm
Certificado emitido por The OMC Gallery, Huntington Beach
Factura No
Ref. catálogo razonado Kees van Twist, Museum Groningen, Erwin Olaf, SILVER, 2004
Estado excelente

In Erwin Olaf's opinion our urge to consume has reached almost pornographic proportions and sexuality is a main ingredients for many advertising campaigns and sales strategies for all kind of products. In his series 'Fashion Victims' from the year 2000, Erwin Olaf creates an imaginary advertising campaign for world renown fashion brands and takes the issue to an extreme. "Using" well built and defined models, who he equipped with a bag over their head, which each shows a famous fashion brand, he kind of ridicules his and our devotion to labels. By the way he is hidden under the "Yves Saint Laurent" bag.

The images are Lambda C_prints matted and presented in a decorative black velvet case with embossed credit, title and copyright symbol. The portfolio was acquired in 2000 in the Netherlands.

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