Boris Anatolievich SHOLOKOV - Nude on the background of the Bear Mountain

Artista La evolución de Boris Anatolievich SHOLOKOV / Todas las obras en el Marketplace
Tipo de obra Obra original
Título Nude on the background of the Bear Mountain
Año 1969
Categoría Pintura
Técnica Oleo/lienzo
Firmada Sin firma
Medidas sin marco
30,31 x 33,86 in
77 x 86 cm
Certificado emitido por Frida Foundation
Factura No
Estado buen/bueno


In ancient times, Crimea was ruled by a tribe of evil bears. Once, after a devastating storm, a boat washed ashore with a young girl of incredible beauty. The bear flock was overwhelmed by her beauty and wondrous voice. The girl literally mesmerized the leader with her singing. The whole flock fell in love with her and treated her carefully and anxiously.

Soon another boat nailed to the same shores, this time with a handsome young man. The bear pupil fell in love with him at first sight. She hid it, and after a while the couple decided to run away - they prepared a fast boat and sailed away from the coast. Upon learning of the escape, the leader of the pack rushed to the sea and, trying to prevent the girl who had betrayed her bear family, began to drink sea water. He drank all night, and in the morning, completely exhausted, he turned to stone. And so the mighty bear remained lying at the very edge of the Black Sea - forever ..

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