Julia PEKER-MOKHOVIKOVA - The Scarlet Flower

Artista La evolución de Julia PEKER-MOKHOVIKOVA / Todas las obras en el Marketplace
Tipo de obra Obra original
Título The Scarlet Flower
Año 2019
Categoría Pintura
Técnica Acrílico
Firmada inferior derecho
Medidas sin marco
23,62 x 31,5 in
60 x 80 cm
Certificado emitido por Frida Founation
Factura No
Estado excelente

Once upon a time there lived a wealthy merchant, who had three beautiful daughters. Once he decided to do business overseas. He called for the daughters and asked what gifts should he bring them. The eldest asked for a golden tiara adorned with precious gems that sparkled brightly, and the second wanted a crystal mirror which always showed the person's reflection as young and beautiful. The youngest, named Nastenka, asked for the most beautiful scarlet flower in the world, which she had seen in a dream. The merchant did not know where he could find such a flower, but promised not to disappoint. 

Upon picking it, the terrible Beast of the Forest leapt out and confronted the merchant. The beast demanded that the merchant repay him and forfeit his life. The merchant begged for mercy and to be returned to his daughters. The beast allowed this on the one condition that within the next three days one of his daughters would willingly take her father's place and live with the beast.

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1.000 €
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