Andy WARHOL - Chairman Mao (F&S.II.96)

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Tipo de obra Múltiple
Título Chairman Mao (F&S.II.96)
Año 1972
Categoría Grabado
Técnica Serigrafía
Número y/o edición Edition of 250
Editor Castelli Graphics and Multiples, Inc. New York
Firmada Firmado a mano
Medidas sin marco
36 x 36 in
91,44 x 91,44 cm
Certificado emitido por Opera Gallery
Factura No
Ref. catálogo razonado Feldman & Schellmann Catalogue Raisonne Pgs. 82-83, Ref #F&S.II.92
Estado excelente

President Nixon's 1971 visit to China inspired pop artist Andy Warhol to create a variation of artworks of the Communist Chinese ruler Mao ZedongWarhol created the Mao Portfolio in the style similar to his portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, using bright colors to accentuate the blurred propaganda style images of ruler who had a quasi cult-like following in the East. Warhol marveled that Chinese households were required to have only one piece of artwork, a portrait of their President, Mao Zedong. and during a conversation with his dealer Bruno Bischofberger about painting famous people, Warhol noted that he "was just reading in Life magazine that the most famous person in the world today is Chairman Mao." Originally Bischofberger had suggested Warhol create portraits of Albert Einstein Warhol but in many ways, Warhol reveled in fame rather than ideas, hence the Mao Portfolio by Andy Warhol was born.

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