Escultura de madera
Tipo de obra
Múltiple (Editionof 100 + 2AP)
Medidas sin marco
43 x 38 x 19 cm(16,93 x 14,96 x 7,48 in)
Descripción de la obra

Painted wood with painted metal rod and nylon string
The work is edited by Galleria del Deposito, Genoa. Galleria del Deposito was founded in 1963 as an international cooperative of artists by painter Eugenio Carmi and included Soto among its members, together with Lucio Fontana, Victor Vasarely and Max Bill. The purpose of the gallery was to produce and spread works of art, especially limited editions, which could reach a huge public thanks to their affordability, though unconventional sales channels as malls. Soto had a solo show at Galleria del Deposito in 1966 and this work was realised on that occasion.

Jesús Rafael SOTO

Incliné Bleu et Noir(1966)

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