Dibujo Acuarela
Tipo de obra
Obra original
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Son and current owner of the BENIMELI Collection
inferior derecho
Medidas sin marco
23 x 1 x 17 cm(9,06 x 0,39 x 6,69 in)
Descripción de la obra

Can you imagine a 15-year-old girl who in 1948 was be able to draw like that? Drawing and painting was always her dream. Living in Madrid, playing in the Retiro Park, seeing majestic buildings every day and continually visiting the Prado Museum, a Renaissance, figurative and naturist character grew in her. The teachers at the School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid soon became aware of the artistic virtuosity of Ángeles Benimeli, who with her young hand managed to make pencils and charcoal on fine tissue paper make freehand works of a level that were not in keeping with her age. “Perfect.” These are the drawings that are now presented here on a black cardboard that has protected them for the last 75 years. They are an original artworks by themself, figurative and technical, authentic sketches of a recent past.


Académico: "Diana niña"(1951)

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