Tipo de obra
Múltiple (39/100)
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Wook _+ Lattuada Gallery
Firmato a mano
Medidas sin marco
30 x 22 in(76,2 x 55,88 cm)
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Wook _+ Lattuada Gallery
Descripción de la obra

Nam June Paik's lithograph "NY + Paris = Art" is a charming blend of technology and art, revealing the interaction between global communication and creative expression. Depicting two smiling television sets, it illustrates New York and Paris as influential art hubs. These personified TVs highlight the impact of media on art's reach and interpretation. Paik’s simple yet playful visual language suggests that when these cities' cultural forces combine, the art world expands. This piece encapsulates Paik's vision of art as a universal language, made accessible by technology, uniting diverse cultures in a shared appreciation for creativity.

Nam June PAIK

New York + Paris = Art(1999)

Anuncio nro.2756936
1000 US$