Annual Report of the Ultra-Contemporary Art Market

Key figures for the Contemporary Art Market
Every autumn, Artprice publishes the conclusions of its constant monitoring of the global Contemporary Art market.
Top 50 Contemporary Artists
Top 50 Contemporary Artists by Auction Turnover
A change of direction! With this new report, by shines the spotlight on the Ultra-Contemporary Art Market
1. Success no longer awaits maturity
Today, certain young artists are hitting extraordinarily high price levels very early in their careers
The growing place of young artists on the auction market
“I’m young, it’s true; but for well-born souls, value is not a question of age”
Twenty years ago, no work had ever reached $100 million at auction
2. Female artists and digital art: the market gets invested in social/societal issues
The market for creations by artists under 40 reflects some of the major challenges of our time
The new and preponderant place of women
With a change of era, a change of paradigm
NFTs: a technology that appeals to young people
Propelled into mainstream headlines in March 2021
3. Where does ultra-contemporary art sell best?
A wind of change is blowing through the major art auctions
The United States and the UK lead the dance in the West
For 70 years the United States has always been one step ahead of other countries
China, with Hong Kong
Already last year we saw an extraordinary rise of Hong Kong in the Contemporary art segment
Top 200 artists under 40 by Fine Art & NFT auction turnover (H1 2022)
Top 200 artists under 40 by Fine Art & NFT auction turnover (H1 2022)