The Art Market in 2018

WAN Jie - thierry Ehrmann
Editorials: thierry Ehrmann & WAN Jie
WAN Jie: founder and President of Artron Art Group, and founder of Art Market Monitor of Artron (AMMA), thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of
General Synopsis

The global Art Market has posted a third consecutive year of growth on the back of a record volume of transactions

From New York to Beijing
Artworks are circulating and changing continents more than ever before, exposing, as they move, the mechanisms and stakes of the soft power competition between major nations
Building the Chinese Art Market
The Chinese art market continued the restructuring that started in 2015 with the country’s auctioneers currently trying to reduce their unsold rates
Affordable art
In Western countries, more than half of the works sold at auction sell for under $1,000 (52%), a ratio that climbs to 79% if we raise the budget to $5,000
Multiple records
Jenny Saville and David Hockney became the world’s most valued living artists in the general climate of confidence that followed the Rockefeller collection sale
“Crazy” sales
While technology foreshadows massive changes in the Art Market, the latter has once again been focusing much of its attention on blue-chip Modern Art
Abstraction… more than just American
The market showed a strong appetite for second generation American Expressionists and for the major names of European and Chinese Expressionism
Artron's market trend analysis
A new range of indices developed by Artron now allow professionals and amateurs alike to follow the Chinese Art Market over the long term
The Best of Chinese Art in 2018
In 2018, seven bodies of work dominated China’s Fine Art market, reflecting all the richness and depth of a rapidly maturing market, while the auction performances of seven artists clearly stood out last year
Western Old Masters
Generating just 5% global Fine Art auction turnover from 9% of the lots sold, the Old Masters segment remains generally discreet, relatively stable, but profitable in the long term.
Investing in Art

Simple investment strategies have demonstrated that Art can generate competitive returns over the medium and long term

Top 100 des enchères
In the first half of 2018, Modern Art returned to ‘auction leader’ position with two results above the $100 million threshold
Top 500 des artistes
Five hundred artists from more than 40 countries occupy the most stable segment of the Global Art Market, accounting for 72% of its total secondary market value